Run Far Away From Guaranteed SEO

If you are hiring a professional SEO company you will find there are hundreds of different businesses out there wanting your business. Some of these companies offer what they call guaranteed seo services. Guaranteed SEO services promise that your website will appear in the first page of search engine results for a fee. It can be tempting to immediately hire these companies and find yourself on the first page next week, though you should run far away from any seo agency guaranteeing such results.

Why not use Guaranteed SEO?

If you take a close look at the fine print guaranteed SEO is often offered for keywords and phrases that are never searched in the first place. Something silly and strange such as swimming pools with pink elephant decorations and vanity diving board are often the keywords guaranteed on the first pages. Considering that no one is searching for terms as strange as that listed above you’re not benefiting yourself in any way.

Providing a guarantee of SEO services is something that even Google will tell you is not possible. It is a gimmick out to take your hard-earned dollars, but it can also cause your website greater damage as Google could de-index the site or mark it as non-credible and untrustworthy which results in bad page rankings.

Most companies offering guarantees optimization services often write useless content that is filled with keywords to increase rankings in search engines. The technique, known as keyword stuffing, is frowned upon by search engines and will result in low search engine rankings when discovered by search engine spiders. It can also find your website removed from search engines all together!

SEO your way

Search Engine Optimization is something that every website owner must do in order to gain the most amount of traffic possible. However, web owners should not fall for scams and schemes along the way. Guaranteed optimization services are something that no company can give to you. It is one of those too good to be true things. Don’t always believe what you hear!

Believing that guaranteed SEO services are worth your while is something that you should not do! You will only find yourself spending more time and more money to get to the top. It takes hard-work, dedication and time to get results with optimization, but you can believe that you will attain success when you follow the steps to proper website optimization.


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